Explosive growth in the raw data being collected in today’s world is opening up boundless opportunities to bring new information and insights to guide business and policy decisions.









Decisions by infrastructure service providers, and by policy makers that guide investment in and use of infrastructure have long term consequences, and making the most of available data is crucial for the efficient and effective delivery of such services.

Our experts have more than two decades’ experience in helping organisations make the most of their data. We have used sophisticated analytical tools to inform policy and business decisions across industries as diverse as aviation, energy, water, manufacturing, transport and public health.

We have deep knowledge of analytics methodologies, with special emphasis in econometrics, data visualisation, and data mining text analytics.

We provide: 

·         outsourced data management and analytics support using internal business data

·         strategic advice to guide organisations in the development of their internal analytics and             data management strategies

·         data analysis and statistical support

·         expert evidence and litigation support in statistical matters

Our analytics experts pride themselves on their ability to communicate data insights clearly and succinctly, in forms suitable to support decision making.