Adrian Kemp


Adrian is a founding partner of HoustonKemp and an expert in the application of economics to infrastructure regulation, public policy and energy markets. 

Adrian’s infrastructure regulation experience spans principally the energy, water and transport sectors. He has played a leading role in many of the significant changes in these regulatory regimes in recent years. His particular strengths are in regulatory design, network regulation, infrastructure pricing, electricity wholesale market analysis, and regulatory impact assessments.

On public policy, Adrian has worked closely with government agencies at every jurisdictional level to identify, define and assess policy reforms, develop institutional and governance arrangements, and design policy implementation and transitional plans. His policy experience includes energy efficiency, carbon abatement and pricing, and energy, transport and natural resources reforms.

Adrian is also a wholesale energy market expert having advised in recent years on market power within wholesale and retail electricity markets, and on proposed changes to energy market design. His clients in this area include the Australian Energy Market Commission and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. 

Adrian includes regulatory agencies, reform taskforces, state and federal government agencies, and regulated businesses amongst his clients. He is known for the practical application of economics to provide solutions to complex regulatory and public policy problems.

In April 2014, Adrian – together with Greg Houston – founded HoustonKemp, a firm dedicated to applying economic analysis to bring clarity and focus to complex problems arising in competition, finance, policy and regulation. Prior to this, Adrian spent almost ten years with NERA Economic Consulting and a period with the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal of New South Wales. Adrian was also an inaugural member of the Australian Energy Regulator’s Consumer Challenge Panel, a position he held until June 2014.

Adrian holds a Masters in Economics from the Australian National University, a Bachelor of Economics with honours and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Western Australia.

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