Alyse Corcoran

Alyse specialises in competition, finance and regulation and has a particular interest in quantitative analysis.

Her project experience includes using sophisticated analytics techniques to determine the economic implications of complex competition issues arising from mergers and acquisitions, as well as for damages assessment in securities class action cases.

Alyse’s work also includes the application of the economic regulatory frameworks for electricity and gas networks. Specifically, she has experience in the application of weighted average cost of capital and building block models in regulatory settings, as well as in estimating depreciated optimised replacement costs (DORC) for asset valuations.

More broadly, Alyse has extensive experience in undertaking data analysis and communicating the results of quantitative analysis to audiences with limited statistics experience. Her expertise includes applying visualisation techniques, including interactive charts and mapping, to present relevant insights from raw data. The results of her analysis have been relied upon in several high stakes matters, including proceedings in the Supreme Court.

Prior to joining HoustonKemp, Alyse completed an internship at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Competition and Consumer Economics Unit.

Alyse holds a Bachelor of Commerce, with first class honours in economics, from the University of Sydney.

Posted on November 18, 2014 and filed under Economist.