Sam Forrest

Senior Economist

Sam specialises in the application of economics to market design, auctions, regulation and competition, particularly in the energy and telecommunications sectors

Sam has experience across a range of market design and regulatory issues across the wholesale, network and retail functions of the energy sectors. On electricity wholesale market matters, he has advised on market power and merger analysis, mechanisms for incentivising renewable generation and the design of capacity market mechanisms. He is particularly experienced in the application of models of wholesale electricity markets to bring insight to policy decisions. In the retail energy sector, Sam has assessed competition in retail markets, the economics of changes to retail tariff structures and the effects of renewable policy on retail prices.

Sam also has deep expertise in auction design, strategy for participation in auctions and the associated competition and regulatory issues in infrastructure markets. He has advised regulators and corporate clients in over 10 countries on high value auctions for electricity interconnector capacity, spectrum licenses, electricity capacity payments, renewables subsidies and carbon products. He has experience across a range of auction formats, including combinatorial, clock and sealed bid auctions, and has developed analytical tools for use by bidders in numerous live auctions.

Sam has also worked with mobile operators and telecommunications regulators on strategic, regulatory and policy issues, primarily relating to the allocation of spectrum licenses. He has deep experience in the valuation of licenses and the assessment of the impact on competition of spectrum allocations.   

Prior to joining HoustonKemp, Sam was an Economic Analyst with NERA Economic Consulting in London and Sydney. Sam holds a Master of Public Administration (Executive) with Distinction from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) and Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical), both with honours, from the University of New South Wales.

Posted on August 8, 2014 and filed under Senior Economist.