Alyse Corcoran – Analyst

About me 

Having done an internship in the public sector, I realised that I wanted a job that allowed me to focus on economic theory and its application, rather than doing more general work in areas related to economics. This realisation led me to HoustonKemp.

Why HoustonKemp

I have always been interested in data analysis and really enjoy bringing to light ‘the story’ hidden in raw data through innovative and intuitive data visualisation. HoustonKemp has enabled me to explore my interest in this area, work side-by-side with leading experts in data analytics and continually learn new approaches to solving problems.

A highlight

When I speak to university students about what sets HoustonKemp apart from other firms, I always come back to its culture. It’s clear to me that HoustonKemp has a supportive and collegiate environment and its flat hierarchical structure means that even the most junior employees get the opportunity to participate in and contribute to all aspects of our work

Posted on February 1, 2016 .