Sarah Turner – Economist

About me

I am from New Zealand and studied economics and mathematics in Wellington. I moved to Sydney in 2010 to pursue a career in economic consulting, although I did not know what that really meant back then. The move has allowed me actually to have a summer, and I’ve invested those sunshine hours wisely at many Sydney beaches. 

A highlight

Since starting here, I have been involved in a diverse range of projects that have allowed me to apply both economic reasoning and analytical tools. I have particularly enjoyed coming up with ways to approach complex data problems and learning R!

Why HoustonKemp

I have now been working with our team for more than five years and I return every week for two main reasons. First, we work across a broad range of industries and you never know what it is you will be working on next. Second, the people really make HoustonKemp; from day one, I felt as if I was working with them, not for them.

Posted on March 24, 2015 .