Stuart Morrison – Analyst

About me 

I graduated from the University of Queensland in economics and commerce in 2016 and subsequently moved to Sydney to start my career at HoustonKemp. I completed several private and government internships during university but I was ultimately drawn to HoustonKemp due to their application of the economic theories I learnt throughout my degrees.

Why HoustonKemp

I was always very interested in how policy and economics interacted with each other and the industries that HoustonKemp works in has allowed me to apply economic theory to policy and markets ranging from pharmaceuticals to online gambling. The working atmosphere is incredibly collegiate and the more senior staff are constantly ensuring that I am working in areas that interest me and align with my career ambitions.

A highlight

When I discuss my work at HoustonKemp with my friends, it is clear that I am given much more responsibility in the work that I do, as well as the freedom to think creatively about problems. HoustonKemp does not prescribe to the standard 80-20 rule of consulting (where only the top 20 per cent of issues are addressed), allowing us to push answers further that has given me a deep and meaningful understanding of the economic frameworks under which our clients operate.

Posted on February 13, 2017 .