Tony Chen - Economist

About me 

I started my career as an accountant, having completed a Bachelor of Commerce, and subsequently became a Chartered Accountant a few years later. Working as an auditor exposed me to interesting accounting, financial and governance matters and allowed me to develop my professional skills. However, my interest has always been in economics and how it explains the world around us, which led me subsequently to pursue a Master of Economics degree.

Why HoustonKemp

Changing careers from accounting to microeconomic consulting was a significant move for me and inevitably came with its own challenges. Luckily for me, the people and the open culture at HoustonKemp played a significant role in smoothing my transition.

My colleagues at HoustonKemp are great to work with; they are talented, approachable and professional. I was given the opportunity to take on work that extended my skills from the very start and have always been supported by colleagues willing to help out. Even though the economists at HoustonKemp are all talented in their own right, in my view it is the open and friendly culture that enables us to achieve our full potential.

A highlight

I started at HoustonKemp shortly after graduating and found it to be a fully engaged experience from the very first day, as I found myself in a client meeting only a few hours after starting! I have since worked on a range of interesting projects covering energy networks, transportation, economic regulation, gas arbitrations and industrial relation disputes, to name a few.

Working at HoustonKemp has given me the opportunity to develop a brand-new skillset, engage with clients at senior levels and work on projects with real consequences for people’s everyday lives.

Posted on January 12, 2015 .