Sarah Nelson - Intern

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About me

After finishing my degrees in economics and physics at the University of Auckland, I moved to Sydney for a six-month internship. I had previously held internships at the New Zealand Treasury and an astronomy research centre, and was ready to try my hand at economic consulting. I am heading into postgraduate study in 2018, and have relished the opportunity to see what life might be like on the other side. An excuse to live in Sydney was not so bad either.


Why HoustonKemp

I heard about HoustonKemp when they did a presentation at my university. The reason I was interested – and the reason I plan to pursue a career in consulting after finishing my studies – was the chance to directly apply economic theory to real world problems. From my first day at HoustonKemp, I have been able to do just that. I have found that HoustonKemp provides the opportunity to work closely with people who are just as interested in economics and the intricacies of its application as I am.  The friendly, open working environment made HoustonKemp more than just a job and I was sad to say goodbye.


A highlight

The most exciting aspect of working at HoustonKemp was the variability of the projects. After six months I know more about airports, betting, travel agents, energy markets, road productivity and water rights than I ever thought I would (amongst other things – it’s a trivia fan’s dream!). I was given a level of responsibility in these projects that I hadn’t anticipated and, while undeniably challenging, it was a very rewarding role.