Tim Robinson - Intern

Tim B&W.jpg

My internship at HoustonKemp was the perfect mix of challenging and rewarding. The challenge lay in the broad range of projects that HoustonKemp was working on at the time, which spanned various industries and fields of microeconomics. Every assignment required me to understand and apply new skills and principles that built on the microeconomic theories I learnt in university.

Over the course of three months I was involved in everything from policy development to court cases and developing regulatory strategies. I was always kept busy with work on client projects, which meant that I felt a real sense of responsibility and guaranteed there was never a dull day in the office.

However, it was the small things about HoustonKemp that really made my internship a positive and rewarding experience. The partners made a conscious effort to place me on projects in areas that I was interested in and were always available to provide guidance or to ‘re-explain’ complex concepts.

The staff at HoustonKemp made sure that I quickly became a part of the company; the graduates ensured I felt welcome and the economists certainly didn’t hide me from clients. Importantly, the work I produced was valued, relevant and constituted part of what was ultimately sent to the client. I felt a real sense of accomplishment seeing my name included in the project team on reports sent to clients and knowing that I had contributed to solving real-world microeconomic problems.