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Competition Policy Review Submission

November 2014

HoustonKemp's submission in response to the Competition Policy Review’s draft report was published shortly before Christmas. We caution that the proposed changes to the unilateral conduct (section 46) provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act offer few, if any, economic benefits, and would give rise to a long and costly period of uncertainty as to how the revised law may be applied. In contrast, the panel’s focus on the need for microeconomic reform in road transport and the delivery of human services has the potential to unlock the kind of productivity gains that followed the 1990s’ structural and regulatory reforms in the electricity, gas and water infrastructure sectors. Our submission makes a number of practical suggestions to guide future, productivity-enhancing reform in both human services and road transport.

Posted on November 20, 2014 and filed under Reports.

Business Law Council Rising Stars’ Competition Law Workshop

20 October 2014

Luke Wainscoat and Jennifer Fish presented at the Business Law Council Rising Stars’ Competition Law Workshop in Sydney on 18 October 2014. Their presentations were part of the session on channel conflict which examined how Australian competition law deals with vertical restraints, most favoured nation clauses and competition in online markets. Luke explained how vertical restraints can have both pro- and anti- competitive effects and the importance of market power in the assessment of such restraints. Jennifer discussed some of the economic issues raised by the Flight Centre case including the relevant market for analysis, the price that was alleged to have been fixed, controlled or maintained and how the attempted agreement may have affected competition in the relevant market.

A copy of the slides Luke and Jennifer presented on can be found here.

Posted on October 20, 2014 and filed under Presentations.