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ElectraNet public forums in Port Lincoln

November 2017


HoustonKemp has been working with ElectraNet on a RIT-T assessment of options for electricity transmission upgrades on the Eyre Peninsula.  We have undertaken the wholesale market modelling for the RIT-T assessment and also applied real option valuation – the first time this has been done formally for a RIT-T.  Ann Whitfield, Tom Graham and Sam Forrest are presenting on this approach at the ElectraNet public forums in Port Lincoln (November 20) and Adelaide (November 27).  ElectraNet’s RIT-T assessment can be accessed here.

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Article on estimating long-run marginal costs

March 2015

A summary of an article Tom Graham co-authored in 2014 on incorporating marginal costs in water supply tariffs appears in the March 2015 issue of the ACCC quarterly publication, 'Network'. The summary appears in the section titled ‘From the Journals’ that contains summaries of articles, reports and books on subjects relating to the economic regulation of infrastructure.

The March 2015 issue of Network can be found here.

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Incorporating Marginal Costs in Water Supply Tariffs: Prospects for Change

11 November 2014

Tom Graham co-authored an article that discusses the two main methods for estimating long-run marginal cost in the water and wastewater industry – the Turvey (or ‘perturbation’) approach and Average Incremental Cost approach. The article compares the relative merits of each approach and provides examples of their application across Australia and in England and Wales.

The article was published in the September 2014 volume of the Water Utility Management International.  

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Electricity Networks Service Standards: An Overview

2 September 2014

The NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet has released a report it commissioned from HoustonKemp. The report provides a summary of the reliability standards applying to the NSW electricity transmission and distribution businesses, and describes the current framework under which these standards are set.

The report was commissioned in the context of the proposed partial lease of the NSW electricity network businesses. It highlights that the framework for setting reliability standards for these network businesses, and the reliability standards themselves, are independent of ownership and therefore will not change as a consequence of the proposed partial lease of the businesses.

The report is available here.

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